General Aviation

Smaller charter operator's, Private owners of Aircraft and Helicopters make up part of the Aviation industry known and grouped as "General Aviation".


Servicing and modifications of aircraft and Helicopters to new rules, customer requirements and industry regulation changes is a very difficult task to keep track of but manageable.


With the current rule changes within the industry regulations there has been a general industry sentiment and confusion that "General Aviation" has not been fully represented in the CASR parts changes. Even if the aircraft is only VFR certified under CASR part 23/25 and operated under CASR Part 91 (133/135)


Cairns Avionics keeps up with regulation changes within the General Aviation industry.


Cirrus SR22 at Tioman Airport in Malaysia 2007
Piper PA 28-200 at Tioman Airport in Malaysia 2007
ACN 147 998 972