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Consultancy within the industry standards and regulations.

Aviation industry changes on a regular basis with introductions of mandatory requirements to satisfy regulators that Aircraft are safe and reliable from both operator and engineering divisions.
Our engineering support ensures the requirements, along with the standard and detailed inspection programmes from Original Aircraft Manufacturers and Continued Airworthiness Inspection, are complied with are part of our every day life.
Interpretations of these requirements require some degree of industry knowledge and understanding of local and international regulators. Often our local regulator makes reference to foreign regulations to satisfy an inspection or service bulletin.
Cairns Avionics has the ability to forecast shortages in equipment and supporting test equipment to satisfy these changes in Aircraft Avionic requirements before deadline mandates.
Whether it is a Corporate Jet part 91 or 135 or Regional Airline Part 119, Cairns Avionics experience with past mandates in EGPWS, TCAS and Transponder Mode C gives Cairns Avionics the ability to forecast and schedule the newer requirement mandates including ADSB in and out, RVSM and future regulation changes.

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